OFFER: Job, St Gervais
Posted 4/7/2019 10:02 (#766894)
Request: OFFER: Job, St Gervais
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We are looking for 2 people to join our team, either as a couple or friends, to run our 5-bedroom, 12-person luxury chalet in St Gervais. You will be given the responsibility of managing the day to day running of the chalet with support provided from the management team in Samoëns, where there is a team of 4 running 2 chalets.

Each week staff members will get 1 day off together. Change-over days will vary from the schedule above and are likely to be a full day’s work preparing for the new guests to arrive. In St Gervais changeover days are usually on Saturdays.

We Provide:
- A very competitive wage for the industry.
- Full area season pass.
- Accommodation.

If you are interested, please contact for a full job description!
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