Got questions?

I'm a property owner - how do I reply to requests in the Solutions Room?

To respond to a request you need to have your property on Chalets Direct - that way you'll receive requests which match what you can offer. With a Chalets Direct membership you'll receive a notification when you have a match and when you go to the request in the Solutions Room you'll see the reply button. Find out how to list your property!

I've got no firm ideas of what I'm looking for in my holiday - will the Solutions Room work for me?

Absolutely! You can be as specific or as general as you want. So if you have no set dates and no resort preferences you can say so.

I'm restricted to certain dates and it has to be in a specific resort - could it work for me?

Yes, yes and yes again! You can narrow your criteria and see what comes back to you.

I like the look of some of the Solutions that have come back. How do I reply?

At the bottom of each Solution there's an email button - so you can respond to it straight away.

your property page on Chalets Direct