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  2. To make changes to your property pages please log into your Control Panel. You can also send us a message from there.
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Please note:

To make a reservation please contact the accommodation supplier direct.

Accuracy of Information

As Chalets Direct Limited is dependent upon the information supplied by advertisers, we must make the following disclaimers:

  • The accuracy of the information on Chalets Direct Ltd's website is the sole responsibility of the advertiser of the property.
  • does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of this information.
  • gives no confirmation or guarantee of the description or the standard of the properties in the advertisements published in its web pages.
  • Rates and conditions are subject to change without notice.
We recommend that potential renters, or their agents, confirm all the terms of the proposed rental contract in writing in advance of the rental, and wherever possible, also view the property in advance.

To get the best out of Chalets Direct please contact the property directly !

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